Spread the word…

You can shout about this event from the rooftops! Tell all of your friends, family and fellow activists and send them a copy of the flyer. Print out, photocopy & flyer your street, wheatpaste them as posters in different languages in your area and have leaflets on your stalls and at take them gigs.

Use the internet versions and post them everywhere you can including on your MySpace, Facebook, Bebo etc, send them out to your mailing lists.

Plan and organise

No one has sat down and organised this event or asked permission from the police or state we are taking back our right to protest from those who would seek to silence our protests.

Learn the lay of the land and check out the maps, expect resistance and heavy policing on the day as they are expecting multiple direct actions, dont talk about your plans on the internet work with those you trust when planning an action and make sure the you consider the safety of all activists when going on actions.

March route, lab information and maps.

Legal support

Police bustcards will be available on the day, but if you have a prefered solicitor write their arrest line phone number on your arm before going on an action. The VPSG will be called so they can arrange vegan food etc for you in the cells and activists will be waiting for you on your release. You will be given a place to stay if needed and the same for future bail dates.


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